A new day.. Some new deeds… A new job…some good deeds…

A simple sweet sin

A good great glutton 

A fun food fest 

A Krispy Kreme karnival 
Also Good things come to an end… But lets not tall abut that just rit now… A delectable to evening that started with making sweet sinister rings of decadence in humongous quantity ended with the nostalgic feelings of my past when I used to bake…
And with it came the karnival I was waiting for and everyone else will be voting for.

A doughnut Fiesta that’s gonna make ure belly look like one and a shake that you gonna have when you are looking for a break…. 
So don’t ask me of how they gonna be tasting and if they gonna be heavy or light… What I suggest is you try out my creations and to to Krispy Kreme and have a bite.

Sameer K.


A Start To Something New

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A Good Story , A Good Day , A Great Memory Or Just a little Dismay… All that can be said and all so that can and should be heard. Sometimes you just need a blank canvas to express whats in your head and just let it be free. That is what I thought a “BLOG” should be and to me it may even turn out to be even more.

This is as I said

“The Start to Something New” , a blog for feelings, a blog for fun , a blog for experiences and a blog to sometimes learn.

Here it goes,

A blog is a post,

that is read by one & all,

A blog is a post,

that i know only some will recall,

A blog is something ,

you just read and forget,

a blog will stay with you ,

from sunrise till sunset,

A blog is to be written,

for all to read,

I’m gonna start sharing on this blog now,

Everyone else should too… without any greed. 🙂

Welcome to my blog.

Sameer Kapoor.