Life takes you places sometimes ..unexpected!

Recently I had the chance of a lifetime .. to be actually busy and yet happy at the same time . People usually say that one gets busy as they grow old and gain experience but for me this experience of being busy was the best thing to happen.

One can breathe easy at night ,

And can give being awake a clean fight,

One can see dreams with their eyes shut,

And when awake can be in the same ol rut,

Doing what one wants ,

Isn’t something to be planned or desired,

It isn’t something that one has just thought of ….

Nor is it something that was already conspired,

One can think of the next day and be worried about it,

Or can just carry on with their passion and keep the candle lit,

One can do all this and be satisfied,

Or can ask others did they do well …not knowing even if they lied.

Title . Believe in what you do



A true gift for everyone… The best s.o.u.l.m.a.t.e.

God can’t be everywhere… So he created mom… That being said… Not everyone has a friend.. So there came dogs.

As said above when a man needed a friend.. A dog was the first who came to help… Unbiased.. Giving..

One expects from people we know,

As same as the plants in the soil we sow,

They grow till a limit and then we cut them out,

We don’t think once… Do it without a doubt,

We go to them in need or despair,

Try to buy new ones,

As if they are the clothes we wear,

They too treat us,

Like the luxury of a good quilt,

Come like the season of winter,

And like leaves soon they wilt,

Apart from these, a dog is the one,

Shinning bright always,

Will never betray anyone.

Sameer Kapoor

Plant a life.. Plant a tree.. Plant it so you can breathe easy… Plant it so you can be free…

A wise man once said

“One should not anger the one who gives you bread to eat ..However I feel one should not hamper the one who gives you air to breathe.”

Re – live your past or start new,

Like rain make it vast or make it small like dew,

Plant a life be it a sapling or a seed,

If not for others, plant it for the air your breathe.


With the rise in global pollution and green house gases one can only imagine how badly the environment is affected today. But by taking one simple step towards the improvement of the same can we start the change towards betterment. Simple steps such as planting saplings, seeds can grow into healthy plants and trees and will give you more benefits than you can imagine…

As said Plant a life, Plant a tree, Plant it so you can breathe easy, Plant to so you can be free..

Sameer Kapoor.



Divine indulgence in the sweet world of chocolate brownie…

Some people like it some people don’t… The ones who don’t may as well be the ones who love it…


It has been a while since I posted any thing so here is with something sweet…

Chocolate brownie

Chocolate dark 1000gms

Butter 1000 gms

Sugar icing preferably 1300 gms

Flour 700 gms

Baking powder 10gms

Walnut or Almond or hazelnut (any dry fruit) 200 gms

1. Melt the butter and add to the chocolate to the butter and mix well.


2. Mix well the Flour & Baking Powder .

3. Whip together the whole eggs and sugar till they form semi stiff peaks. IMG_7519.JPG

4. Mix in the melted chocolate & butter on a slow speed & add  flour & nuts.

5. Pour into lined baking tin and bake for 45 mins at 160 degree Celsius.

Enjoy the warm chocolatyness with vanilla ice cream and do let me know how it was.

Sameer Kapoor.

Trip to dehradun… A trip worth taking

A trip is not just about the destination…I personally feel it is what you absorb in the trip to and from the place of travel… And where you live there…
Sameer was the case when I traveled to dehradun… but first class & this was my trip..

You can walk or you could run,

You could go straight or enjoy every turn,
You could fly to a place or just take a train,

What ever way you choose.. Just make sure to keep a memory of it in ure brain,

Meet people and just say a hi,

You don’t need to think much, 

Won’t make much friends being shy,

Travel heavy or travel light,

Just make sure that you travel right.

Stayed at Hotel Ashrey and that was nice… Fed a hunger of mine that no one else could suffice… It gave a blast from the past and made me anxious..didn’t serve me food but to my eyes it was delicious…

A blast from the past,

So much and all soo vast,

A past collector in a box you will reside,

How can you not stay here.. I leave it for you to decide… 
Happy travelling.

Sameer Kapoor 

About Sunday’s & Quick Easy Breakfasts

Onion Parantha A Parantha is a versatile Indian bread which is made by rolling out small portions of dough and then cooking on a hot plate/griddle. While it is primarily made out of whole wheat flour,other flours such as gram,refined,etc can be added. Parantha’s can either be stuffed or plain and can have a variety of fillings such as cottage cheese,potato,or even chicken and mutton. They can either be griddle cooked or deep fried and can be served with a huge number of accompaniments like curd,pickle ,butter,etc.

Sunday mornings are supposed to be fun,not energetic but relaxed and definitely worth doing what you love to do the most. For me today it was just to have a simple onion parantha with some pickle.

In a hot summer weather nothing can cool you down and prepare you hot the scorching heat than what good a onion can do.WAAIITTT!! … I’m not telling you to eat a raw onion…that’s just bad..

Onion Parantha

1 large onion chopped
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup gram flour or besan

1/4 cup refined flour

2-3 gms cmin seeds

salt,red chilli powder and turmeric to taste

2-3 green chillies chopped(optional)


  1. Roast cumin seeds and make a powder.
  2. Saute onions with the spices and then add to the flour.
  3. Add all the remaining ingredients and make a dough.
  4. Make small roundels and roll with a rolling pin dusting whole wheat flour to prevent it from sticking.Roll till about 2-3 mm thick.
  5. Take a pan and keep it on a low flame and griddle the parantha on it.
  6. Brush some butter/ghee on top and cook both sides.
  7. Serve with pickle/curd.


Well that was the recipe … hope if you haven’t tried it already …you do and share the same…


Sameer K.


Just like the first drop of rain after a hot dry summer

Just when you start to think that all the world has gone dry and dead. Just when you think all has been said. Just about when one loses all hope and just when things seem to go down the slope…. The thing that will keep you in hunt… And will make you push yourself one more time… The one thing that’s with you when you are whining…is the best thing in the world called 

Silver lining.

Feeling rain drops after a long heaty summer is what everyone needed..

 Not only us but that was what mother nature also pleaded. 

Small showers falling down like tiny diamonds from the sky. 

A sense of rejoice they give you…I wouldn’t lie.

Enjoying the rain shower….

Sameer Kapoor 

A new day.. Some new deeds… A new job…some good deeds…

A simple sweet sin

A good great glutton 

A fun food fest 

A Krispy Kreme karnival 
Also Good things come to an end… But lets not tall abut that just rit now… A delectable to evening that started with making sweet sinister rings of decadence in humongous quantity ended with the nostalgic feelings of my past when I used to bake…
And with it came the karnival I was waiting for and everyone else will be voting for.

A doughnut Fiesta that’s gonna make ure belly look like one and a shake that you gonna have when you are looking for a break…. 
So don’t ask me of how they gonna be tasting and if they gonna be heavy or light… What I suggest is you try out my creations and to to Krispy Kreme and have a bite.

Sameer K.

A Start To Something New

Placeholder Image

A Good Story , A Good Day , A Great Memory Or Just a little Dismay… All that can be said and all so that can and should be heard. Sometimes you just need a blank canvas to express whats in your head and just let it be free. That is what I thought a “BLOG” should be and to me it may even turn out to be even more.

This is as I said

“The Start to Something New” , a blog for feelings, a blog for fun , a blog for experiences and a blog to sometimes learn.

Here it goes,

A blog is a post,

that is read by one & all,

A blog is a post,

that i know only some will recall,

A blog is something ,

you just read and forget,

a blog will stay with you ,

from sunrise till sunset,

A blog is to be written,

for all to read,

I’m gonna start sharing on this blog now,

Everyone else should too… without any greed. 🙂

Welcome to my blog.

Sameer Kapoor.