Life takes you places sometimes ..unexpected!

Recently I had the chance of a lifetime .. to be actually busy and yet happy at the same time . People usually say that one gets busy as they grow old and gain experience but for me this experience of being busy was the best thing to happen.

One can breathe easy at night ,

And can give being awake a clean fight,

One can see dreams with their eyes shut,

And when awake can be in the same ol rut,

Doing what one wants ,

Isn’t something to be planned or desired,

It isn’t something that one has just thought of ….

Nor is it something that was already conspired,

One can think of the next day and be worried about it,

Or can just carry on with their passion and keep the candle lit,

One can do all this and be satisfied,

Or can ask others did they do well …not knowing even if they lied.

Title . Believe in what you do



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