Plant a life.. Plant a tree.. Plant it so you can breathe easy… Plant it so you can be free…

A wise man once said

“One should not anger the one who gives you bread to eat ..However I feel one should not hamper the one who gives you air to breathe.”

Re – live your past or start new,

Like rain make it vast or make it small like dew,

Plant a life be it a sapling or a seed,

If not for others, plant it for the air your breathe.


With the rise in global pollution and green house gases one can only imagine how badly the environment is affected today. But by taking one simple step towards the improvement of the same can we start the change towards betterment. Simple steps such as planting saplings, seeds can grow into healthy plants and trees and will give you more benefits than you can imagine…

As said Plant a life, Plant a tree, Plant it so you can breathe easy, Plant to so you can be free..

Sameer Kapoor.