Trip to dehradun… A trip worth taking

A trip is not just about the destination…I personally feel it is what you absorb in the trip to and from the place of travel… And where you live there…
Sameer was the case when I traveled to dehradun… but first class & this was my trip..

You can walk or you could run,

You could go straight or enjoy every turn,
You could fly to a place or just take a train,

What ever way you choose.. Just make sure to keep a memory of it in ure brain,

Meet people and just say a hi,

You don’t need to think much, 

Won’t make much friends being shy,

Travel heavy or travel light,

Just make sure that you travel right.

Stayed at Hotel Ashrey and that was nice… Fed a hunger of mine that no one else could suffice… It gave a blast from the past and made me anxious..didn’t serve me food but to my eyes it was delicious…

A blast from the past,

So much and all soo vast,

A past collector in a box you will reside,

How can you not stay here.. I leave it for you to decide… 
Happy travelling.

Sameer Kapoor 


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